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Black butterfly

Black butterfly


Embracing the graceful allure of a butterfly's wing, our stunning dress encapsulates the delicate beauty of nature's inspiration. Designed with intricate detail, the dress boasts sheer elements delicately layered over opaque fabrics, creating a mesmerizing play of translucency and depth. The silhouette is artfully exaggerated at the shoulders and hips, evoking the majestic presence of a butterfly in flight. Each movement is accentuated by the flowing layers, gracefully echoing the flutter of wings.


With its harmonious blend of ethereal elegance and bold structure, this dress is a true statement piece, destined to captivate hearts and inspire admiration.

  • Size

    Size(cm) S M L XL
    Bust 74 80 84 90
    Waist 66 70 76 82
    Length 75-102 76-104 77-106 78-108