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| About Chenchen Studio

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Chenchen Studio, an independent designer brand based in London, is dedicated to the art of creative pattern cutting. We strive to create garments with outstanding and well-fitting silhouettes, infused with playful uniqueness and creativity. Each piece we craft is meticulously designed to emphasize the refinement and details of the fabric, ensuring durability and wear-resistance. Our linings are carefully chosen to offer comfort without the risk of static, and every detail reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and distinctiveness.

At Chenchen Studio, we design for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity, offering a glimpse into a world where the extraordinary is found in everyday moments. With timeless hues of black and white as our canvas, our creations exude an elegance that speaks volumes in whispers. We are skilled in fashion pattern cutting and devoted to crafting unique, special, and unusually patterned garments. Our designs feature interchangeable and delicate garment details, setting them apart and endearing them to those who own them. Chenchen Studio pieces aren't merely clothing; they mirror individuals' personalities and signify their identities. Each item intertwines fashion with narrative, paying homage to the past while looking forward to the future.


In today's era of ever-changing fashion trends, Chenchen Studio prioritizes enduring elegance and style. Our clothes are designed to be worn all the time, featuring long-lasting, delicate, and fun details that buyers will love to discover. Perhaps one day, these beloved garments will be passed on to the next generation to continue their stories.

Our goal is simple: to design garments that are both delightful and lasting, ensuring they remain relevant through the years.

The story of Chenchen Studio began with Chenchen's academic journey at the London College of Fashion (LCF).  Deeply influenced by Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood, Chenchen recognised that the essence of fashion lies in its patterning.  This understanding led her to develop a keen interest in exploring diverse pattern designs. 


Fascinated by the number three, Chenchen pioneered a versatile triple-layer design, where even a simple cuff or collar could exhibit two different appearances.  This unique design approach quickly gained attention, with some even referring to her as "Triple-layer Chen". Since then, she has consistently viewed pattern structure as more than just design—it's a thoughtful approach.  By adjusting details, a garment could take on two distinct looks, adding a fresh touch to fashion. 


After graduation, this philosophy became the cornerstone of her brand-Chenchen Studio. She believes that a soul truly fades away not at the moment of passing, but when there's no one left to remember. Inspired by this conviction, she creates stunning, sustainable garments of the highest quality. Aware that her time will come one day, she envisions a future where her creations endure—cherished, admired, contributing to the world's beauty in a simple yet profound manner.

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