| About Chenchen Studio

Chenchen Studio is an independent fashion designer brand which focus on womenswear. The design philosophy is focus on the details on garments. Chen Chen learns fashion pattern cutting and she is devoted to create special and unusual pattern for garments. Every garments of Chenchen Studio is handmade in London, exquisite and delicate are the brand's signature. In the fast fashion nowadays, she still would like to slow down her brand and design, take care of each dress for exquisite. 


Chenchen Studio also aims to ground itself in the UK start up fashion industry and it will achieve this in two ways. Firstly, by providing UK brands with support to enter the Chinese market. I will enable UK outlets and designers to tap into lucrative Chinese e-commerce opportunities by taking their products to online platforms, using my network in China to provide promotional activities such as British themed sales events. Services also including organising designer pop up stores to collaborate young and fresh designer work and communicate together. 


Secondly, Chenchen Studio will provide a mentoring service to design students who face barriers to the industry, offering them free advice and heavily discounted access to professional equipment and space. This will help bring their designs to life at a moment when they are less bound by commercial necessities after graduation. 

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