| About Chenchen Studio

Chenchen Studio is an independent fashion designer brand which focus on womenswear. The design philosophy is focus on the details on garments. Chen Chen learns fashion pattern cutting and she is devoted to create special and unusual pattern for garments. Every garments of Chenchen Studio is handmade in London, sustainable, exquisite and delicate are the brand's signature. In the fast fashion nowadays, she still would like to slow down her brand and design, take care of each dress for exquisite. The goal of sustainable fashion, is to create and sustain flourishing ecosystems and communities through its activity. In order to reduce the severe environmental harm that fast fashion has generated over the years, and encourage more people to get engaged in the action of embracing sustainable fashion, the business will aim to produce clothing in a sustainable way by adopting recycled materials and hand-cut fabrics. The use of recycled materials combined with high quality and creative will provide the consumer with longevity.


Chenchen Studio also provides service to the UK independent fashion designer brands or design students with brand strategy consulting and marketing and advertising strategy consulting. The business will offer a one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience to building a proper brand for fashion designers. Also provide supply chain consulting for fashion designers and help them develop design ideas into products. Furthermore Chenchen Studio also helps the UK brands to enter the Chinese Market. And provide the UK brands opportunities / promotion events or enter off line buyer shops / online shops in China to improve the brand awareness and revenue of the brand.


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