I believe garments are people’s second skin. People choose garments based on their identity and personality. On the other hand, designer's identity is related to their design works too.


Everyone has an identity want to show to people, and has another identity who they really are. For me, I like wearing black colour with the style of mysterious. And I like clean line silhouette with the style of indifference.I try to express myself more like masculine and minimalist. But inside of me, I more like dainty and feminine.


The same idea for the collection, through the movement of body or the different way to wear garment to show different style. And these two styles are related to my identity. One is more masculine and one is more feminine. There are 2 ways to show different identity through fashion. One way is that baggy and clean line silhouette through movement or changeable wearing way change to more fit silhouette. The other is that dark colour through movement and changeable warring way to show light colour details. 

Research & Inspiration

Design development


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